‘Tis the Season

deer and wildlife management products

Many folks are in the midst of hunting season, but its also time to start thinking about planting season as well. Our bare-root trees have been dug and are ready to ship!  We also have them in stock at our retail nursery, Plant World LLC.  If you will be traveling through the area this holiday season,

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Soil Testing 101

pears for deer

A soil test should be taken before you plant your trees and shrubs.  Soil testing is often overlooked, but is a key factor in determining how well your plants will take in the nutrients from the soil.  Testing is a simple process.  Your local Cooperative Extension System has boxes to put your sample in and

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Fall is Finally Here

crabapples for deer

The temperature has cooled down, and the leaves are starting to turn. Now is the perfect time to plan your winter tree plantings. When you plant fruit or nut bearing trees, such as oaks, you provide a perennial food source that will continue to attract wildlife year after year. Featured Tree: Crabapples The Southern Crabapple is one

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