Sanctuary Timber & Wildlife is committed to the science and technology of habitat, wildlife, and fisheries management. Each property and each property owner can benefit from a custom solution. Developing exceptional property takes a lot of time and forethought, and we can be the architects to developing your project.

Our core strengths relate to trophy whitetail deer management and trophy largemouth bass production. State of the art techniques using genetic enhancement and habitat optimization plus our commitment to developing fair chase hunting and fishing opportunities allow property owners to have “trophy” experiences not available for the vast majority of land owners.

Our team of biologists and outdoorsmen can also provide comprehensive property management consultations regarding habitat, wildlife, and fisheries solutions. Our principles and team members have over 100 years of experience in every facet of hunting and fishing. Most of us are licensed captains and guides and have years of real world experience. From designing a complete property plan to troubleshooting a specific situation, our years of experience affords us a unique perspective to help our landowner clients. Click below to learn more about each service area.

Habitat Management


Wildlife Management


Fisheries Management